On Tuesday 11th October we had the pleasure of holding the seminar “Global Communication and Marketing for Business” organised in collaboration with Mindjuicer, member of the Chamber.

On this occasion, Mr. Igor Urra, Secretary General of the Chamber, gave a warm welcome to all attendees on behalf of our institution and introduced Mr. Asier Odriozola, Founder and Creative Director at Mindjuicer.


Mr. Igor Urra, Secretary General of the Chamber, and Mr. Asier Odriozola from Mindjuicer during the seminar.

Mr. Odriozola started off the session by providing an overview on the importance of business branding and offered attendees guidance on how businesses should take care of their brands by communicating the right message in the right way.

After the introduction, the speaker focused on how a brand should create a long-term relationship with its audience in order to thrive. As we are exposed to an average of 3,500 to 10,000 brand messages a day, making a difference with competitors is the best asset.

The content of this session then followed along this path in order to help participants realise the importance of understanding their audience better to identify and deliver a more compelling message. As Asier argued, the ultimate goal of any communication strategy should be to get the audience to care, engage and embrace your brand.


The event offered an overview on key branding and marketing strategies businesses can use.

Another key aspect that was brought up during the seminar was that a global communication strategy should be the same whether for a big or small business. As Asier explained, small and universal ideas are better retained as everyone understands them, so the focus should be put on how to get across the right messages regardless of the size of the company behind them.

Asier then went on to cover why the focus of any campaign should be on what the audience thinks of us as a company rather than on what the company actually is. This led to an analysis of what lies behind communication and creative processes and how the concepts of branding and positioning play a key role in defining the right strategy.

In a nutshell, branding is about the product itself, its image, its presentation to the customer and its experience. Positioning, on the other hand, is about the customers’ perception of your product or brand.

At the heart of every successful campaign lies the image that customers have of a given brand and how engaged they are with it. It is thus important to focus first on how a brand is perceived and how we can build a message that connects with our target audience and puts them at centre-stage, and then concentrate on the message itself.


After the session attendees could further discuss the topics covered by Mr. Asier Odriozola.

Asier also gave attendees a few hints to develop effective creative briefings aimed at building a global communication strategy. For instance, ask yourself what your company’s background is and what you aim to achieve by launching such a strategy; establish who you would like to connect with, and through which outlets (online vs offline; social media only; press, tv, etc.), what you want to say and how, and most importantly, why customers should believe you.

Finally, the speaker summed up what he had tried to convey during the session in the following message: any company interested in creating a powerful brand must remember that it all revolves around creating engaging conversations with your market audience. Given that markets consist of human beings, conversations should therefore sound human and uncontrived, and they should relate to what your audience cares about.


Participants could exchange their business cards over breakfast.

The event then moved on to the Q&A session where Asier Odriozola responded to questions about how we can communicate intangible products applying the tips he had provided or how a successful communication strategy was compatible with getting your message across countries with different cultures. Once the session finished, participants could enjoy an interactive networking breakfast while sharing thoughts and discussing further all the ideas covered in the talk.

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