The Spanish Chamber of Commerce in the UK is aware of the existing difficulties, problems, risks and other unknown elements to be considered when trading with other countries, including Spain. That is why, the Foreign Trade department presents this new initiative to help your company to identify the main elements and problems in this country. A short video that will explain a concrete topic each time in order to increase your knowledge of the market.

APRIL 2020


On this occasion we focus on frauds in which certain individuals pretend to be a real Company and confirm an order that is not paid afterwards, being a problem that is affecting both British and Spanish companies. We will analyse some elements to be considered and give some recommendations to identify them.

MAY 2020

This new TradeTip edition will explain some of the existing problems when participating in an exhibition in Spain and the UK, mentioning some of the most common errors and giving some advice on how to avoid them, so your company can make the most out of its participation in an exhibition, not missing new clients.

JUNE 2020

Having previously mentioned the need of knowing “the other side”, through this TradeTip, we invite you to better understand the point of view of some of the importers of the food and drink industry in the United Kingdom. Understanding them helps to increase your knowledge of the market.

JULY 2020

The importance of having a general perspective and understanding of the country that we are trying to conquer commercially is precisely the topic that we are covering in this TradeTip. We offer a global view of Spain as a market for UK based companies and help you to better understand the existing opportunities.


The increasing demand of organic and eco products in the UK and other countries made us think about the existing opportunities in Spain, presenting some general information in this new TradeTip that covers some elements to be considered as a UK producer.


When is the best moment of the year to organise a trade action in Spain? On this TradeTip we offer analyse several aspects to be considered when organising a commercial trip to Spain if we want to make sure we have a certain number of meetings when visiting the country.

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