On Thursday, 16th June, we held a seminar on “Mindfulness”, at the premises of the Spanish Chamber. On this occasion, the speaker for the session was Nerea San José, NPL Coach and founder of Listen2Earn.

The aim of the session was to show participants how to release the inner peace of mind and fight stress, especially when they find it difficult to keep the mind focused on one thought.

Our Secretary General, Igor Urra, gave a warm welcome to all attendees on behalf of our institution and gave the floor to Ms. San José, who began the session with a brief introduction to the concept of mindfulness in order to show the benefits of practising this cognitive process.


Ms. Nerea San José, founder of Listen2Earn, introducing the concept of “Mindfulness” to the attendees.

After this introduction, Ms. San José analysed different studies that prove that practising Mindfulness helps you increase your attention skills and reduces anxiety and negative thoughts by being in the present state. Furthermore, she explained how this can be very useful to help with work-related depression or stress.

In order to show attendees the benefits of mindfulness, Ms. San José proposed several practical exercises in which participants had the opportunity to experience first-hand the benefits that they could gain.

During the session, she provided several tools that helped them to manage their emotions wisely and focus their attention on something without judgement and without emotions.


Ms. San José set out some exercises to show participants the benefits of practising mindfulness.

She ended the session with an exercise for managers; applicable in any organisation that wants to show its commitment to their employees’ wellbeing by sharing awareness in different aspects, such as mental health, stress management or healthy eating.

After the session, all attendees had the opportunity to network, ask questions to Nerea San José and exchange their impressions and ideas about the points covered in the seminar while enjoying some breakfast.

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