March has kicked off with a creative breakfast seminar at the Chamber, organised in collaboration with SYNCPLEXITY, one of our members. The title of the talk, “Complex Realities: A Model of Sustainable Prosperity and Competitiveness”, is quite illustrative on the matter presented.

Our speaker, Josep Alzamora, is the Founder and Researcher of Syncplexity, a company that offers business consultancy services specialised in advising companies on sustainable competitiveness in critical scenarios.

Mr. Alzamora is the author of “complex realities”, an innovative concept that aims to support companies and re-educate them so they reach happiness and prosperity on a sustainable way, despite the macroeconomic circumstances. He went through the fundamentals of this model right and was followed by Igor Urra, Secretary General of the Spanish Chamber, kindly welcoming all participants to the seminar.

Our speaker Mr. Josep Alzamora explaining its innovative model of Complex Realities

Our speaker, Mr. Josep Alzamora, explaining its innovative model of Complex Realities

Our speaker decided to start his presentation by analysing the origin of the results of a business, as it would be necessary to understand the process of result-creation in order to apply his original model.

He proposed that the results of an activity or a company normally come from the decisions taken, which at the same time are inspired on an individualistic logic. This logic is formed by our ideas and principles, which are primarily influenced by our behaviours. He claims that if we want change to happen, we may well need to use a different logic to face situations. Thus, we will come to the conclusion that practice is required to create new behaviours that would lead us to optimal results.

The optimal result may be conceived as a simple equation: for example, x≥6/10, meaning that at least 6 out of our 10 trials would be successful. To achieve this, he introduces two main variables: selling and repetitiveness, as prosperity on a business starts from maximising sales but guaranteeing they are continuous over time.

Mr. Alzamora went through the explanation of the main variables of this model

Mr. Alzamora went through the explanation of the main variables of this model

It is imperative to understand the essentials of selling to master this practice. He explains that sales are based on emotions (perceptive selling), that emotions are energy and consequently, to maintain control on the emotions we should respect the six rules of the energy, especially polarity and incompatibility.

In order to keep “positively polarised”, it is important to develop positive emotions. To do so, we need to understand the real desires of our customers and reach their expectations so that we can also achieve our results. This can only be done through active listening.

Once we learn how to create these positive emotions, which will increase sales as per what the model sustains, we need to learn how to do it repeatedly, as this would lead us to sustainable prosperity. This loyalty is created by developing emotional bonds, not by imposing on customers the decision to buy or work with us because “we are the best ones”, but by respecting their freedom to analyse and consider different options, they end up choosing us because they are convinced we are the right ones.

This process has its basis on influencing by example, by following three steps: attract, prioritise emotions and generate appreciation, under the condition that we are completely happy when doing it.

Our attendees commented on the topic and asked questions to the team from Syncplexity

Our attendees participated actively from the discussion and asked questions to Syncplexity’s team

Our attendees were highly surprised with this new and “complex” concept and struggled to understand the application of this new model, what generated an active discussion and participation. Two guests from Syncplexity also took part in the debate, as they were the direct subjects of the practical application of the model in the real estate sector in Spain.

We would like to thank both the team of Syncplexity for offering this curious, to say the least, seminar, as well as all members for attending and contributing the discussion with their ideas.

March is a month full of seminars and events so, keep updated on all the activity of the Spanish Chamber in the UPCOMING EVENTS section.

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