On Thursday 23rd October the Spanish Chamber of Commerce held a seminar “What is Coaching? Neuroscience Applied to Coaching” in collaboration with Oryent, member of the Chamber.

On this occasion, our Secretary General Igor Urra received attendees on behalf of our institution and introduced the speaker of the seminar, Montserrat Rodríguez Conesa, Managing Director at ORYENT.


To kick off, Montserrat showed attendees a diagram demonstrating the points that would be covered during the session and she asked them what they thought that coaching meant in order to begin to draw them into to the concept. She defined coaching as a technique that improves and maximizes performances by helping the person to think deeper.

After this brief introduction, she explained the meaning of neuroscience applied to coaching and she pointed out that our thinking process creates feelings, and our feelings in turn affect our behaviour. This said, through a constant process we are able to change a thought into a behaviour and this would eventually lead to creating a habit. The process that paves the way for this is as follows: Think – believe – feel – processing feelings – habit. As Montserrat explained after getting used to these dynamics, people adopt a new habit without realising.

She gave attendees an example to illustrate this process with an everyday situation. If a professional believes that he/she is the adequate profile to get a promotion he/she is then going to do their best in the job, and it possible that this positive thinking helps him/her to reach the goal of getting promoted. The process works both ways: a negative thinking process leads to behaving passively which prevents us from reaching our goals.


Montserrat covered different aspects of coaching and how we all can benefit from it.

Expanding on this, she talked about some of the benefits of neuroscience applied to coaching, such as that it helps people to transform their thinking in order to unblock their mind from obstacles and release their potential. The most important point is to programme our brain to think positive in order to be successful. In addition to this, she highlighted that to be able to coach a person, it is essential that this person is willing and allow the professional to guide him/her.

To conclude the seminar, Monserrat surprised attendees by simulating a real coaching session with the help of one of the attendees, who volunteered to take part in this mock coaching session.


Montserrat replying to attendees during the Q&A session that followed the talk.

Once the session finished, all attendees could enjoy an interactive networking breakfast while sharing thoughts and discussing further all the ideas covered in the talk.

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