On Wednesday 30th October we held a seminar “Lead the Way: Electric Public Speaking”, which was the fourth session of our “Leadership in Focus Forum” series, this time in collaboration with Avocets Consulting. Christine Bunnenberg, John Waterman and Andrew Weale led the event after being introduced to our attendees by the Secretary General of the Spanish Chamber, Igor Urra.


From left to right: Mr. Waterman, Ms. Bunnenberg and Mr. Weale, the representatives from Avocets Consulting

When it comes down to public speaking we believe that it is something only made in front of a big audience. However, talking to your team –albeit small- or a chat with close people is also a way of making a presentation. In fact, one of the key points this workshop highlighted was the belief that on average we deliver speeches a few times a month, but the reality is that we talk in public, at least, 130 times per month, because we interact with many people during our regular daily routines. The ability to win people over through your public speaking skills must thus not be underrated.

As John Waterman explained at the beginning of this session, the first step to give a proper presentation is to know your audience and their needs as well as to have a clear objective in mind, meaning ‘Why are you doing it?’. This will help you hook the people from the very first minute, punching them. Mr. Waterman also provided the attendees with the key to a good speech: the PIEI (Persuade, Inform, Entertain and Inspire).

However, as there are many different audiences, engaging with the public and grasping their attention is not always easy, and it is in that moment when good speakers prove themselves. So regardless where or when you have to present or speak in public, the most important thing is to focus your message and tailor it to your audience.


Mr. Waterman and Mr. Weale delivering the session

John Waterman then gave the floor to Andrew Weale. As a trained actor, Andrew explained that some abilities and skills may come naturally, but it is always important to reinforce them. For this reason, Andrew shared helpful tips about how to shape one’s speech, using other kind of information to convey the main idea to the public, such as voice modulation, emphasis on key words, appropriate body language and using eye contact.

Attendees had the opportunity to put into practice all the tips our speakers shared as this was a very interactive session indeed.


The participants were working in small groups to improve their presentation techniques

At the end of the session, everyone enjoyed a bit of networking over breakfast and shared a few more comments and exchanged tips with the representatives from Avocets Consulting.

We would like to thank everyone who took part in this event and especially to Avocets Consulting for delivering such an interesting session.

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