During the morning  of Wednesday 10th April, we were thrilled to host the first event with The Client Academy, member of the Chamber,  in which attendees learned about  “How to Read People”.

Have you ever met people difficult to deal with? Is your boss happy with the way you work? Are your clients satisfied? How could you obtain better results by communicating with your team? We all have ever asked these questions and are aware of the communication complexity that exists when it comes to business, what we might not always bear  in mind is that our success boils down to the personality of the others and how we react to it.

Ms. Mónica Hernanz, from The Client Academy, went on to talk about the motivational values of the people around us, and how they affect their acts. She explained that this psychologist system called SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory)-  help us to classify people according to their personality and motivation, so that we can tailor the message to them, creating the perfect conditions to increase our chances to influence them.

Picture 030

Mónica Hernanz addresses the attendees during the workshop

According to this, we can recognise four prototypes of individuals by classifying them with colours. The blue group has a people-focused concern and they are motivated to help others above everything else. By the contrast, the red ones are those who value achieving goals and task accomplishment, being direct and clear. On the other hand, green people are cautious and analytical, paying attention to detail based on facts and data. Finally, black collective types are flexible and adaptable, and like collecting different insights from the team.

When communicating with our colleagues and clients, we can identify these different people profiles and take advantage of knowing what they are likely to say, what you should answer and how to make the most of your relationship with them. We tend to assume that what is important to us will be important to them as well, but it is not always so or just a few times, and we end up tangled in misunderstandings and confrontations during our daily work life. We should realise that the solution may be easy, depending on our empathy with others. As Mónica Hernanz said, “A better relationship improves business results”.

Picture 028

Attendees interacted and took part in a lively debate where they shared different experiences.

Thanks to this workshop attendees learned to analyse people behaviour and also understand better their own reactions. Raising self-awareness was highly achieved through this session too. Whether you are blue or red people, the key is regulate and balance ourselves to compensate failures or weaknesses with others.

The workshop led to an interesting discussion and round of Q&A where attendees shared their personal experiences related to the topic of the event.

We would like to thank everyone for their participation at this enriching event, and the interest shown by those who remained on the waiting list.

Stay tuned to our events section and newsletter as we will be working on more  events with The Client Academy.

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