It is estimated that in 2021, 40% of the GDP of the European Union will come from technological activities, and that for every five non-digital new jobs created, there will be four digital jobs created. Companies that do not begin to shift focus towards integrating digital strategies into their business model, and investing in digitalisation tools, will very
likely get left behind.

Here are 4 reasons why businesses should start digitally transforming their operations and procedures in 2021:

1. Be prepared: 2020 taught us that we need to be ready for anything. Over the past year, companies have learned that digitalising processes at scale is fundamental to staying competitive, efficient, and meeting increasing demands. This is, in part, due to the fact that digital technologies have been absolutely essential to remote work. Improved procedures and operational efficiency in a digital workplace are central benefits to the digitalisation of business processes.

2. Streamline operations : Companies often need several providers for their administrative processes when embarking on digital business transformation, which means multiple contracts to juggle, several different projects to manage and various API integrations to implement. This is inefficient and time-consuming, more expensive, and riskier from a business standpoint. However, relying on one provider is more cost effective, saves you time on implementation and compliance, and is more secure.

3. Focus on security: Administrative digitalisation makes business procedures like document signing and invoicing more secure than paper transactions. That said, as digitalisation becomes more mainstream, so do threats to security. It is important that companies rely on digital business tools that offer comprehensive protection to safeguard data and respect privacy in all operations.

4. Sustainability: Corporate social responsibility is no longer a choice but a necessity for businesses to move forward and thrive. Organisations need to start focusing on ways to make their business more sustainable, and digitalisation is a good place to start. By going paperless, companies can avoid excessive and unnecessary paperwork, which helps decelerate the manufacture of paper (and the felling of trees, wasting of water and CO2 emissions that result from it).

Using digitalisation to transform administrative processes

Digitalising internal business processes is a surefire way to propel your company’s digital transformation in 2021. Relying on digital administrative solutions like electronic signature and e-invoicing has enabled companies to handle essential paperwork remotely, bolster document security, improve eco-friendly practices, and save time and money.

Docuten provides end-to-end administrative digitalisation for mid- to large-sized companies, offering digital signature, e-invoicing and the automation of payments through one provider. All your documents, communications and invoices are protected, and comply with the strictest security regulations.

To find out more about Docuten and the services they offer, you can visit their website at or contact them today.

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