On Wednesday 11th February we held the seminar “Executive Coaching: Corporate Health Strategy” in collaboration with Melioora, member of the Chamber.

Igor Urra, Secretary General of the Spanish Chamber, welcomed attendees on behalf of our institution and introduced Eloy M. Rodríguez; the speaker for this session, who after a long multinational career in ITC technology, decided to give a radical change in his professional life. He became a Certified Executive Coach and launched Melioora, an innovative company to help managers and experienced professionals get sustainable success based on Enterprise Health.

Eloy M. Rodríguez, co-founder of Melioora, during his presentation.

Eloy introduced the session comparing companies to people. In his words, a human’s health is determined by social, physical and mental well-being; whereas for companies the factors to measure the “wellbeing” of an organisation are organised in pairs, and are as follows:  market – clients, finance – progress, and people – emotions.

Nowadays, most corporate effort are made in the first two categories, breaking the balance and leaving people and emotions unattended. Thus, he explained that coaching helps maximise the potential of leaders, professionals and teams. In fact, the speaker mentioned that, according to an article published on the Harvard Business Review, up to 30 per cent of a company’s financial results are determined by the climate of the organisation. Therefore, it is highly important to focus on this side of the company to enhance its performance.

Attendees completing a self-awareness form, one of the activities they were requested to do at the workshop.

During the second part of the seminar, attendees enjoyed first-hand experience with a practical exercise. They were given a form and asked to think of a professional barrier they had. After answering several questions individually, participants could feel that they were more aware of the problem and were able to establish little steps to improve their situation.

Later on, everyone in the room was engaged in a group exercise where they had to complete a task with their eyes closed and following very precise directions. The purpose of this activity was to raise awareness on how being familiar with one’s team members and the way they work has a positive impact towards obtaining a common goal.

Participants had the opportunity to network after the workshop.

At the end of the session, attendees took the opportunity to ask Eloy about Melioora’s methodology and exchanged their views on the topic. After the Q&A, participants continued networking while enjoying some breakfast.

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