As the UK lockdown eases, some companies are beginning to return workers to the office. Whether on a full- or part-time basis, many people are going back to their desks and starting to have in-person meetings. After five months of working from home, the workplace routine may no longer feel familiar, especially with the addition of necessary Covid-secure safety measures. For others, they may be returning from months of furlough, meaning this isn’t just a return to work in person. So how can you adjust to this transition? We have some tips:

  • Be familiar with the precautions your workplace is taking.
    • Knowing how your office will operate can ease feelings of anxiety around new unknowns, as well as being essential for maintaining a safe workplace.
    • Detailed government advice on how to safely work in an office environment is available here .
  • Consider your commute.
    • While public transport is available, you might prefer to walk, cycle, or take another mode of private transport instead. Could now be the ideal time to find ways to get physically active on your commute?
    • If public transport is your only option, consider traveling at less busy times (many workplaces are staggering start times for this reason), and remember to bring a face covering!
  • Focus on the positives of being in the office, in person.
    • Remember that face-to-face interaction are a key way to build trusting workplace relationships; in person meetings and office chats are important.
    • But don’t be afraid to use techniques learned from avoiding distractions at home in the office. Noise-blocking headphones can be useful here as well!
  • If you’re returning from furlough, or even just a holiday, focus on returning to routine before you start back.
    • It might just be a question of adjusting your alarm clock a few days in advance, or of getting in touch with work colleagues socially in order to get back into the office headspace.

Whether you are returning to the office full-time, part-time, or not for a while, we hope these tips prove useful. Remember to follow government guidance and keep safe during the pandemic. Check out our other blog posts and virtual events for more!






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