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Job placement and specialised training to assist job mobility and cooperation between Spain and the UK.

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The Chamber offers a Job Opportunities service that permits job seekers to display their profile on our web site.
Should you wish to find out more about a particular candidate please contact him/her directly via the details displayed.

Furthermore, the Employment and Social Security Office of the Spanish Embassy in the UK has an online resource devoted to help individuals that are looking for a job in the country. The website also provides useful information about how to write a CV and prepare for interviews, advice on issues such as how to look for a job, procedures for newcomers plus some other interesting data. Please click here to learn more.

The contents of the following profiles may contain language errors or omissions. The Spanish Chamber of Commerce does not guarantee the accuracy or integrity of the information published in this section.

Name Qualification
Mercedes Fernandez 2013- 2014 Complutense University of Madrid (550 hours) 9 months MASTER IN INTERNATIONAL TRADE: Financial analysis, Internet and E-commerce, International markets and Negotiation Strategies , International Marketing, Funding in International Trade, International Business and Taxes Law. 2009- 2013 Complutense University of Madrid DEGREE IN POLITICAL SCIENCE 2012 Universidade Estadual do Campinas- UNICAMP Brasil studies in PORTUGUESE 6 months SANTANDER BANK SCHOLARSHIP “DEGREE STUDENTS IN LATIN AMERICA” 2010 - 2011 University of Ljubljana Slovenia studies in ENGLISH 9 months ERASMUS SCHOLARSHIP 2005 – 2012 Complutense University of Madrid DEGREE IN LAW 2013 University Complutense of Madrid summer school 75 hours THEORY AND PRACTICE OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Mark: 8
beatriz Bachelor Degree in Advertising and PR
Lena Vazquez Novikova Grado en Comercio y Marketing
PABLO ANTONIO DIAZ JIMENEZ MEng Civil and Strutural Engineer
Guillermo Crespo Triviño Grado en Ingeniería Mecánica
Pablo Jaume Bachelor & Master in Business Administration
Unai Licenciatura en Historia
Nerea Ramos Aguilera Currently studying the 4th year of Business and Administration Management Degree, at Córdoba University
MARIANO CARO MARIN Graduado en Administración y Dirección de Empresas
MARIANO CARO MARIN Business and Administration Management Degree, at Córdoba University
Carla Journalism - University of Valencia
Azahara Becerra Ramos F.P. Grado Superior Asistente de Dirección
José Ramón Cobo-Reyes López Student of Business and Law
Raquel Mora Marín Phylosophy Degree and Master's degree in Teaching in Secondary School

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