Frequently Asked Questions about the Spanish Chamber of Commerce

-How can I get an appointment?

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce is not open to the general public. If you wish to receive further information on a given business-related subject, we suggest that you contact us first by e-mail at info@spanishchamber.co.uk as we usually need to send links or attached documents. If further information is needed, we may contact you to arrange an appointment at our offices.

- I am looking for work in the UK. Can I leave my CV at the Spanish Chamber?

Please note that the Spanish Chamber does not offer recruitment services, therefore we strongly recommend that you publish your CV on our webiste section Career Services in order to make it visible to companies who visit this section. Within this menu, you will also find several job offers that are published by different companies. Likewise, some of our members may be able to assist you with your search, such as member recruitment agencies and companies that offer internship search services. Please visit the Member Directory menu for further details. You can also contact us via e-mail at info@spanishchamber.co.uk in the event that you require further information. 

- I have submitted my CV/a job offer/a business opportunity and I still cannot see it online.

The information you provide will first be placed in the moderation queue and then published on our website. However, our website automatically updates every day,which means that  the information that you have provided will be made available after the last update has taken place. If after a couple of days you still cannot see this information online, please contact us.

- I want to delete my CV/a job offer from the website. How can I do that?

In order to remove information that you have previously provided, you will need to contact us at info@spanishchamber.co.uk.

- I need a translator/interpreter. Do you provide this service?

As a Chamber of Commerce we do not directly offer language services. If you require a translator/interpreter, please visit the section Member Directory where you can find a list of associated companies who provide these services and will be able to assist you. Please do not hesitate to contact them.

Please remember that the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain cannot:

-Find you a job
-Act as a travel agency
-Provide staff to act as an interpreter/translator/touristic guide, etc.
-Offer any consular services, such as help with VISA, passport or ID applications. Please contact the Spanish Consulate in London should you require assistance with any of these services.

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