Clara Zaragoza Ivars

Wed, 11/04/2018
+34 616197255
1- Degree of Communication, University of Valencia (Comunicación Audiovisual, GPA 8/10, 09/2014-06/2018) / 2- Degree of Communication, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Erasmus + Program Exchange Year (09/2016- 07/2017) 3- Social Baccalaureate with Honors, Rodolfo Llopis High School (09/2012- 07/2014)
Further qualifications: 
1- Course in Community Manager, "Un community Manager" Agency 2- Course in Digital Photography and Image Editing, University of Valencia 3- Food Handler Course, ASONAMAN Group
Work experience: 
Account Manager, Upgrade the Marketing Agency, Valencia, 2018
Other work experience: 
Shop Assistant, Zara S.A., Benidorm (Alicante), 2017
Other work experience 2: 
Shop Assistant, Inside Liwe Española S.A., Altea (Alicante), 2017
Spanish- Valencian: Native, English: medium- high compression, Italian: medium level
Desired position : 
Of course I prefer something related to communication but I will move to London to increase my knowledge of English so I don't mind the position. I want to learn from others but also to contribute with what I already know.
Other relevant information : 
Computer Skills: Adobe Creative Cloud Softwares for Image, Video and Audio editing. Microsoft Office Software. Social Media Platforms and Tools / Others: Driving License

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