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Commercial Agendas

Commercial Agendas are a key tool for those companies wishing to establish themselves in a foreign country but who do not have commercial representation locally.

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain organises commercial agendas for both Spanish companies wanting to sell their products within the United Kingdom and for British Companies wanting to invest in and export to Spain.

A commercial agenda can take place during trade exhibitions or other events within the sector, where there is a large number of companies of interest to the client, or the service can be used specifically for the client to visit the destination market.

The role of the Chamber is as follows:

1. Preparation of a database of suitable company profiles that meet the search criteria.
2. Writing an introductory letter presenting the company, their objectives and the product(s) they wish to promote/sell and carrying out the subsequent mailing.
3. Carrying out a telephone follow-up to schedule as many meetings as possible.
4. Coordinating the visits with the client’s main contact in order to compile and send the meeting itinerary.
5. Preparing a final report regarding the Commercial Agenda.

Recently, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain has created the PIC programme, aimed at member companies of local Chambers of Commerce in Spain that have signed this agreement.

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